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Being the first and the best of medical device companies


MTD Micro Molding, founded by Richard Tully and later run by his son Dennis Tully, remains a family-owned business to this day. Below is a letter written by Dennis in 2015, which speaks to not only the Tully family legacy, but the strong family-like, innovative culture they created at MTD.

MTD Micro Molding
MTD Micro Molding
MTD Micro Molding

My father founded MTD Micro Molding in 1972, and his pioneering spirit has helped us remain competitive through several down cycles in the U.S. economy, and put us in the position to be the frontrunner of medical device manfucturing companies today.

From Day 1, Dad sought to gain a competitive advantage by employing the latest technology. Early on, he invested in electrical discharge machining (EDM), a relatively new technology that let us produce molds for connectors more effectively. The decision propelled MTD’s growth, which inspired two of our core values: “Be the First” and “Ever Forward.”

Another of our core values, “Be the Best,” has its roots in what author Jim Collins calls the “Hedgehog Concept.” In Good to Great, Jim explains that if you can understand and passionately focus on what you need to do as a company to be the best, your success is practically guaranteed. That lesson has certainly proven true for us.

To this day, MTD is guided by these five core values:


Be the First

The desire to lead the way is what drives us. As a result, we are committed to investing significant resources to expand our knowledge of micro molding science.


Be the Best

Our pursuit of perfection results in excellence; we never settle for “good enough.”


Ever Forward

We are always on the hunt for the latest technology to improve our process and ensure success on the most challenging applications in the world of medical micro manufacturing. In addition, we believe our company’s future will be shaped by the qualities of our employees, like knowledge, innovation, determination and integrity.


Be Responsible

Our team understands what it means to be responsible — to our customers, our fellow employees and the communities in which we live and work.


Be a Team

Any project we undertake requires multiple resources working together to produce a successful outcome. We are committed to participative management, including productivity and profit sharing.


I am proud of MTD’s past accomplishments and excited about what the future holds. After all, we spent our first 45 years preparing for the challenges the next 45 years will bring.

If you are interested in learning more about MTD, I invite you to visit our facility and meet our team. You will find we are incredibly passionate about our work and thrive on helping customers take their ideas from sketch to fully validated production.


_Dennis prez letter (2)I hope you will become a part of MTD’s future.


Dennis P. Tully (1960–2019)

President, MTD Micro Molding, 2008–2019
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