Five teams competed in the 6th Annual MTD Golf Tournament at Heritage Country Club in August to raise money for the RFK Children’s Action Corps. In traditional MTD fashion, a very large bet was involved in this tournament. All employees were asked to vote for the winning team and the stakes were laid out for teams and their voters before the start of the tournament:


1st PLACE: Exempt from all chores

2nd PLACE: Choose 1 of the chores

3rd PLACE: Choose 1 of the 3 remaining chores

4th PLACE: Choose 1 of the 2 remaining chores

5th PLACE: Stuck with the last chore

CHORE 1: Cook breakfast for the company

CHORE 2: Clean up breakfast

CHORE 3: Cook lunch for the company & Clean up

CHORE 4: Wash all cars in the parking lot


The results are in! Jared’s team won first place and the freshly engraved trophy now stands tall in our cafeteria for all to see!

Now the whole company can look forward to a breakfast, lunch, and clean cars!


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