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Bioabsorbable Startup Support - MTD Micro Molding
Bioabsorbable Expertise

Bioabsorbable Startup Support

MTD Micro Molding supports medical device startup companies developing bioabsorbable products from concept to launch.

We provide startup support in various areas, such as:

Design & Engineering Support

Through design for manufacturability (DFM), MTD’s engineers will offer design assistance to improve manufacturability of your product. This critical process will determine what is possible and scalable.

Rapid Prototyping
The prototype tool designed by MTD engineers is built with tools like runner optimization, which will provide data required to create a fully optimized and cost efficient production tool.
Material Selection
MTD’s team will provide expert knowledge on feasibility of molding your design in various bioabsorbable materials. MTD’s vast material knowledge database will save your project time and cost because we are not learning on your dime.

We can help answer your questions like:

  • How can I assess what the post-molded Inherent Viscosity (IV) requirements are for my bioabsorbable product?
  • How can I get consistent parts from a prototype tool?
  • Why are machined prototype parts performing differently than the injection molded versions?
rapid prototyping tool
Within one week, MTD created this rapid prototyping tool for a customer and molded prototype bioabsorbable parts in the customer’s material choice.

Establishing your baseline quickly, confidently.

MTD’s bioabsorbable expertise will help your startup establish your baseline better and faster with rapid prototyping. With micro designs, rapid prototyping is typically made possible with machining or a combination of injection molding and machining.

At MTD, we use a process similar to the actual production process: robust injection molding techniques using an exact steel mold. There are three key reasons why:


Injection molding is the most economical and consistent way to produce bioabsorbable components. If your component is ultimately going to be produced by injection molding, then prototyping with any other manufacturing method will result in repeating the testing process again – wasting time and money and only getting you about 1/3 of the way there.

In-House Testing

MTD provides in-house testing and data analysis support for your bioabsorbable prototype parts. Consistency is key when developing a bioabsorbable product. Don’t settle for extreme and inconsistent IV loss at this critical stage in your development process.


By creating prototype molds from steel, the critical features of your design can be maintained. With other prototyping methods, design concessions often need to be made to create a part resembling your design. Because MTD can produce prototype bioabsorbable molded parts that are representative of a production process, you can best design the features most critical to you.

Lower cost prototype tools to get to market faster.

How much faster? One customer received prototype molded bioabsorbable parts from MTD, in their material choice, in less than a week. Our unique prototyping process for bioabsorbable products will result in a quick tool that can be used with a similar molding process to production, getting you parts fast to verify functionality, perform preliminary testing, and move to the next step faster. All without sacrificing your critical design features, jeopardizing your critical timeline, or breaking the bank.

Are you a startup company developing a bioabsorbable design? Contact us today.

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