MEDevice San Diego is a special kind of tradeshow. Unlike the larger shows, MEDevice SD provides an intimate setting where medical device professionals and industry leaders can find solutions they need. Set in the ballroom at Marriott Marquis & Marina, daily sessions, workshops and keynote speakers drives top executives and business owners to the conference to learn about what is new and what is happening in the medical device world.

The keynote speaker on Day 1 delivered a very interesting presentation on the movement to the mobilization of healthcare. By 2030, 71 million people will be living with chronic health conditions. People are constantly seeking increased convenience and comfort, which will eventually make the home-based “on-demand doctor” an integral part of healthcare. The “uber for healthcare” model of care will continue to grow, allowing for remote monitoring, home infusions, and would care. What does this mean for medical device manufacturers and suppliers? Continue to modify and improve diagnostics and devices to meet the needs of the home-based care movement by providing further convenience and comfort to the patient.

As the only micromolder at the event, we were able to meet some new people and even say hello to some old friends. We hope to be able to provide micro solutions to the people and companies we met in San Diego in the coming weeks.


Keynote speaker, Zia Agha, Ph.D of West Health Institute, discusses the mobilization of healthcare.


John giving an onsite drawing consultation


The MTD table setup in the Ballroom


Some part features are so small, they are hard to see!

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