Micromolding is an emerging field within the vast medical market today. MTD has positioned itself over 43 years as a global leader in micro-tool fabrication and molding.  This presentation will provide an overview of everyday challenges designers face when selecting a micromolding vendor due to part design, material selection, tooling designs, molding practices and metrology. We will review emerging markets where micromolding is taking the industry to the next level through various case studies. Add a new tool to your “toolbox”!

Watch this webinar to learn more about:

  • Ultra-precision Tooling
  • Micro Material Selection and Characterization
  • Metrology for Micro Components with Tight Tolerances


Brian-CroppedBrian Matachun, Director of Technical Sales, MTD Micro Molding
Brian joined MTD Micro Molding in 2008, leading and developing its customer-oriented and technical sales force. Brian has nearly 20 years of business management, polymer development and plastic processing expertise and uses his extensive experience and education in plastics engineering to lead MTD’s dedicated sales force.


This webinar aired live through Medical Design & Outsourcing on April 17, 2016.


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