Accurate Quotes

We are committed to providing our customers accurate quotes that they can trust.

While we do provide a quick turnaround on quote requests, we also spend enough time upfront to make sure our quotes are highly accurate. Why? Because it’s important to our customers. In our annual customer satisfaction survey, 90% of our customers have said that they value long-term price stability for manufacturing their micro medical devices.

Once a customer submits a Request for Quote, all of our department heads review the project details so we can clarify the full program story and get early feedback. We want to understand:

  • How do the decision makers for this project define success?
  • What are the likely challenges?
  • What are the expected needs, both short-term and long-term?
  • What tool maintenance will be required?
  • How can we scale up production long-term?
  • Once in steady production, how can we gain efficiencies to pull cost out?

We provide a proposal to our customers only once we have high confidence in both an accurate quote and the project’s success.

In fact, we so firmly stand by our quotes that even if the cost of a program changes because of a challenge we didn’t anticipate, we have never gone back to the customer to ask for more money.


Each request for quote is reviewed by our department heads.

Example: Accurate Quote for Scaling Production Volumes of a Micro Medical Device

For example, a customer may need a quote that does not only reflect their immediate needs, but also includes strategies for scaling up the production of their micro medical device over the course of several years. We can provide a quote that explains the costs and solutions for effectively ramping up production for a program that may look like this:

  • years 1–3: scale from 100,000 to 500,000 in volume
  • years 4–10: grow up to 3 million

In order to provide an accurate proposal for this program, we evaluate the option of starting with a single-cavity mold and expanding to  multicavitation tooling to support higher volumes at a later date. This will help to lower the unit price as volumes ramp up without causing any production delays. 

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