Advanced Micro Medical

Quick Launch Program

Ready to move your micro medical part into production?

Need a cost-effective solution for ramping up volumes after prototyping?

Miniaturizing a next-generation product on the market?

Unhappy with your current vendor performance, but worried you don’t have the capital to change vendors?

Need a reliable solution to get to market quickly?

The Quick Launch Program focuses on the production of advanced micro medical components, so you can get your product to market faster. Learn more about why this program was developed. 

Key Program Benefits

  • Accelerated program at no additional cost for qualified projects
  • Meets or beats existing vendor part pricing
  • Discounted tooling with volume commitments
  • Access to world-class engineering team, including materials engineers
  • Expedited lead times
  • 24-hour quote turnaround time
  • Includes lifetime tooling maintenance

Materials Expertise

We can suggest materials that are a good fit for your design for the long term—

materials that will work now and be easily sustained as you go forward.

Problem-Solving Expertise

20% of our new projects comes to us as “rescues.” We can help you push the envelope—allowing predictable outcomes even on breakthrough products never produced before.

Validated Production

Customers have said the biggest benefit in partnering with MTD Micro Molding is our turnaround time and speed to market. In fact, we produce acceptable product on the first mold sampling 90% of the time.

Accelerate your pathway to production.

Why MTD?

MTD produced a micromolded component that other companies said was impossible. The MTD staff provided us with excellent technical advice and delivered the component on time. The component exceeds our tolerance expectations.

MTD Customer

If you can dream it, MTD can make it.

Director of R&D, MTD Customer

The care MTD takes to characterize the materials in order to develop the most robust process possible while operating within very tight tolerances is second to none. Additionaly, it is clear that the in house tooling capabilities of MTD allow for not only incredibly precise implants, but also allow flexibility and turnaround time that our customers truly value.

Account Manager, Worldwide Bioabsorbable Material Vendor

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