In response to a growing need for micro medical OEMs, MTD Micro Molding has developed a Quick Launch Program for advanced medical micro molding.

Where many micro molding programs focus on rapid prototyping, this program focuses on production. Gary Hulecki, executive vice president, explains that “OEMs that are on the fast track to bring a design to market often need an ultra-efficient path that avoids lead time and budget barriers. This program was designed in response to the needs we are hearing from our customers and the industry.”

The Quick Launch Program is an accelerated program that helps OEMs who are ready to move their micro medical part into production quickly. Customers get access to MTD’s world-class engineering team and materials expertise. Patrick Haney, R&D engineer, says, “We understand what polymer materials will be a good fit for your micro medical designs for the long term. We can work with customers to determine what materials will work now and be easily sustained as you go forward.” Because MTD solely focuses on advanced medical micro molding, the team knows how to help customers push the envelope and achieve predictable outcomes, even on breakthrough micro medical components never produced before.

This program is also a great resource for OEMs who need a cost-effective solution for ramping up volumes after prototyping and aren’t getting the performance they expected—or need—from their current vendor. Hulecki says, “Customers sometimes worry they don’t have the capital to change vendors. Because our company is built for high performance in validated production, we often save them considerable time and money in the long term.” In other words, it’s never too late to talk to MTD, regardless of what project phase a customer is in.

The Quick Launch Program does not cost customers any additional cost, if their project qualifies. In fact, they receive discounted tooling with volume commitments and they will receive lifetime tooling maintenance. “We are fully invested in our customers’ long term success.”

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About MTD Micro Molding

Founded in 1972, MTD Micro Molding custom-crafts ultra-precision molded components that meet the exact requirements of companies in the medical device industry. In-house tooling, unparalleled bioabsorbable molding expertise, ISO 13485 certified systems, state of the art equipment – all under one roof. Our exclusive focus on bioabsorbable and drug delivery medical micro molding ensures successful delivery of complex custom products that nobody else can produce.

To learn more, visit or come tour our facility in Charlton, Mass.

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