Micro Materials

MTD Micro Molding works with our customers to help them select the right medical grade plastics for their applications. Over our 15 year history of micro-manufacturing, we’ve developed a measurable expertise that allows us to help our customers pick the materials that will yield the best results for their projects.

Material selection has a direct impact on the work we do. The correct material drives tolerance, dimension, strength, usability, design, speed-to-market, critical features and cost. It’s a crucial step in the manufacturability of our customers’ products and our strategic partnerships yield fantastic results.

We work with a range of Bioabsorbables and Thermoplastics. Our customers look to us to find the best materials for the best results.


Bioabsorbables are popular in micro medical applications as the materials can dissolve/absorb into the body, eliminating the requirement of a repeat surgery for its removal.


Thermoplastics are a great micromolding material to work with as they become pliable above a specific temperature, but return to their rigid state upon cooling.

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