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MTD Micro Molding is a micro medical manufacturer of ultra-precision molded components.


part’s model geometry
produced without exception


of annual revenue
invested in innovation


clients plan to bring
future projects to MTD

16 million

of one component shipped
without one return

“Be the First. Be the Best.”  

For more than 50 years, MTD has been a recognized leader in creating the world’s smallest components for the most challenging molding needs and the most innovative applications. Our exclusive focus on medical micro molding ensures successful delivery of complex custom products that nobody else can produce.

While we boast the most advanced manufacturing equipment and technology, what makes us such a strong partner for medical OEMs is our team.

Every part of the manufacturing process, from design through packaging, is carried out by people whose sole focus is medical and healthtech micromolding. Our team of designers and engineers work together under one roof to solve complex challenges to help our partners bring higher-quality healthtech and medical device components to market before their competitors.

In an industry rapidly changing, our culture of innovation to “be the first, be the best” is what drives us to stay ahead of emerging trends and expand our bioabsorbable expertise.

Our expert staff continues to lead the way in manufacturing micro molded products at the micron level, creating some of the tiniest and most precise medical device components in the world.

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