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Since medical micromolding is the core of MTD’s business, we have had to develop a complete new set of tools for us to be successful in micro. These tools are what we refer to as our 6 Sciences, which provide our clients with a roadmap for success. There is a proven track record that when these steps are embraced, our clients yield better long-term results, both with part functionality and speed to market.


Your Single Source for Producing Ultra-Precise Micro Medical Components

100% MICRO • 100% MEDICAL • 100% IN-HOUSE

Micro Materials

Micro Part Design

Micro Tooling

Micro Molding

Micro Metrology

Micro Packaging

Forerunner Prototyping Services

MTD offers three types of micro medical prototyping services to meet your needs, from quick-turnaround 3D printing to prototypes in your own material choice—including bioabsorbables. Let the MTD team help you iterate fast and innovate fast.

The 6 Sciences of Medical Micro Molding

How to Achieve Better Long-Term Results and Faster Speed to Market

This whitepaper explores industry trends and details the “Six Sciences” of the medical micro molding process, from material selection through packaging. Medical OEMs will learn about the tools needed for efficient product development and consistent manufacturability in micro molding—the keys to creating product breakthroughs today.

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