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Material Behavior at the Micro Scale

The Core of Medical Device Innovation

Material behavior on the micro level is very different than what traditional (macro-level) plastics engineering has taught us. It surprises us—and energizes us—on a regular basis. In this white paper, learn about polymer mechanics and how it might impact material selection for your micro medical device.

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Design for Manufacturing Breakthroughs

Producing Innovative Micro Medical Devices

Everyone wants to be innovative, to find the next big idea in their field. To find your Breakthrough Idea, it takes collaboration and a deliberate search process. This whitepaper explores how medical micro breakthrough designs are produced and how supplier and design roadblocks can be overcome without compromising the original design. By learning how to efficiently work with a molder to produce a breakthrough idea, medical OEMs can save valuable time in their supplier qualification process, decrease costs, increase speed to market, and improve functionality and quality of their micro medical device.

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Micro Molding with Bioabsorbables

Not Your Average Thermoplastics

This whitepaper explores Micro Molding with Bioabsorbables. Across the board with plastics, the rules are different when you mold it so small. But when it comes to bioabsorbable resins, they require a much more extensive and specialized approach than thermoplastics. By learning how processing bioabsorbables differs from thermoplastics, medical OEMs can understand the key factors needed for optimizing the design and production of their bioabsorbable products.

The 6 Sciences of Medical Micro Molding

How to Achieve Better Long-Term Results and Faster Speed to Market

This whitepaper explores industry trends and details The 6 Sciences of Micro Molding, from micro material selection through packaging. By implementing these six sciences, medical OEMs will understand how to maximize the tools needed for efficient product development and consistent manufacturability in micro molding – and to create product breakthroughs today.

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