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Once an exact mold is built (through our in-house tooling), our robust micro molding process begins. Dependable and accurate equipment is essential when working with such small component sizes and micro features.

Because MTD focuses exclusively on micro molding medical components, we’ve been able to produce some of the tiniest and most precise medical device components in the world. We specialize in solving the most complex micro molding challenges, as well as producing breakthroughs in bioabsorbable and drug delivery components.

Medical Micro Molding Services

Micro Injection Molding

MTD manufactures complex micro molded medical components in a variety of polymers, including bioabsorbables and PEEK. Our specialized injection molding equipment and team of expert engineers will help you optimize your speed-to-market and production cost-efficiency.


MTD specializes in overmolding – when two or more materials are molded together to form a component. We offer insert molding and multi-shot (or multi-material) molding.

Bring your grand ideas to your molding partner and discuss your wishlist for your design. But know product’s requirements—you understand the limits of your design and the edges of success and failure.

Then lean on your molder and their knowledge of materials, processing, strategy, techniques, and development requirements to get the best outcome possible in the least amount of time.

Lindsay Mann

Director of Sales & Marketing

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