Expert problem solvers for
medical micro molding

50% of our new projects are “rescues” or projects no other molder would even attempt.

Your Single Source for Producing Ultra-Precise Micro Medical Components

100% Micro • 100% Medical • 100% In-House

Specializing in Advanced Molding Needs

Manufacturing bioabsorbable components with high performance and efficiency.
Producing innovative breakthroughs through highly advanced capabilities like overmolding.
Creating a pathway to production for the most demanding medical products.
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Failure is really not failure…

Failure is really not failure…

When Plastics News interviewed our president, Dennis Tully, last year for Plastics News Processor of the Year, he shared how MTD Micro Molding approaches problem-solving. We include teamwork in everything we think about… Are we always going to make the right decision?...

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