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20% of new projects come to us as “rescues” — failed attempts by others.


Our success rate? 100%.


How? We’re the only company to focus solely on medical micromolding. We’ve made millions of micro-medical device components and implants. We specialize in permanent and bioresorbable materials. Our technology and innovation help customers achieve new product breakthroughs.

We are experts in problem-solving. All our departments work together, partnering with our customers in every aspect of development and production, guiding them every step of the way. We solve your micromolding challenges faster, better.


of projects are rescues

consistency and control

Keys to Bioabsorbable Process Development:
Consistency & Control

A medical device company developed a bioabsorbable fixation design and concept that was celebrated by surgeons. They worked with a reputable molder, but after several years, the molder had limited success and was unable to produce the part represented in the drawing. By guiding the customer through material characterization and developing the unique tooling construction concept to reduce secondary operations, MTD’s micromolded parts achieved minimal and consistent IV loss and were much more consistent shot to shot. This confidence in the repeatability of device function allowed reliable testing and successful proof of concept to take place.

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measuring IV loss

Bioabsorbable Success:
Understanding Complexities of Bioabsorbable Materials Achieves Consistent IV Loss

A major medical device firm attempted to produce a micro medical device with a bioabsorbable material. Every lot they received from their initial micro molder had different mechanical properties and performed differently, which created havoc when evaluating the function of their parts. After 9 months of delays, the customer assumed it was a part design issue – but that wasn’t the problem. MTD achieved consistent IV loss with the bioabsorbable component. We averaged 6% IV loss, whereas the competition saw a range of IV loss between 20% and 100%.

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Impossible to Possible:
Thin Wall Micromolding for a Drug Delivery System Results in Higher Yield, Quality, and Cost-Efficiency

A top-10 medical device manufacturer had designed a thin wall plastic part with a fairly long flow length for use as a medical micro component of a drug delivery system. The vendor manufacturing the part used an extrusion and forming process that resulted in some defective products and a fair amount of fallout. While the customer believed micromolding would give them the outcome they wanted, several manufacturers said it simply couldn’t be done. But MTD saw the possibilities. The part’s design presented a considerable challenge, but a seemingly minor design change and alternative material choice achieved the customer’s key goals – including higher yield, better quality and lower costs.

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in-house micro tooling and micromolding

From Failure to Validation:
Lower Cavitation Improved Predictability and Quality for Asthma Device

Our customer wanted to create a device to help mitigate the impact of severe asthma attacks. A competitor recommended and tried to validate a multi-cavity mold, but after a year of struggling, they still could not achieve a successful validation. With the deadline only six weeks away, the customer turned to MTD, hoping we could get their project on track.

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