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Drug Delivery

The Market

New advancements in medical micro injection molding is revolutionizing the point-of-care (POC) drug delivery market, making these devices more convenient, painless, and effective for patients.

Bioabsorbable materials allow micro implants to effectively deliver drugs to targeted areas of the human body, while thin wall cannulas enable delivery of drugs accurately with patient comfort.

Needs & Challenges

Compounding active pharmaceuticals with bioabsorbable materials present a myriad of challenges. In order to preserve these sensitive materials, controlled handling is critical throughout storage, manufacturing, packaging, and shipping. Each step presents an opportunity for failure.

Highly specialized bioabsorbable capabilities are essential for a polymer-based drug delivery device’s proper functionality. For example, maintaining exact geometries and extremely tight tolerances impacts a product’s function as the amount of material it is composed of is directly related to the drug dosage.

While it can be extremely difficult to injection mold a long, thin-walled, straight part such as a cannula, it is possible through highly capable tooling and molding equipment. The benefit of injection molding over the traditional extrusion process is that injection molding eliminates the need for multiple assembly steps—removing functional failures and significantly reducing manufacturing costs. 

Drug Delivery Cannula

This thin-walled micromolded cannula design includes walls as thin as .0025″.

Drug Eluting Implant

This neurological drug eluting implant required extreme precision for its through-holes with .003″ tolerances.

Drug Delivery Straw

This thin-walled straw (top), made of Polypropylene, has a .005″ long distance wall.

Drug Delivery Applications

  • Polymer-based drug delivery systems
  • Bioabsorbable pharmaceutical delivery vehicles/carriers
  • Drug delivery implants
  • Bioabsorbable polymer drug-eluting implants—drug/polymer coated or drug/polymer compounded to modulate drug release

Examples of Micro Devices

  • Drug Delivery Straws
  • Ultra-Thin Wall Cannulas for Wearable Bolus Injectors or Drug Infusion Sets
  • Single-Use, Time-Release Pharmaceutical Implant
  • Permanent Refillable Drug-Eluting Implant

Common Materials

  • Polypropylene (PP)
  • PLDL (bioabsorbable)
  • PLG (bioabsorbable)
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