4 Considerations for Overmolding Micro Medical Electronics
MicroSeries: Issue 2301

4 Considerations for Overmolding Micro Medical Electronics

Understanding the opportunities of micro injection molding over delicate substrates

Medical OEMs are sometimes surprised to learn that not only is overmolding an available option, but it can often improve the functionality of their micro medical devices and implants. Learn how it is possible to overmold—and even encapsulate—electronics without causing damage.

Topics Include:
  • Benefits
  • Overmolding Misconceptions: Pressure and Temperature
  • Opportunities: Encapsulation and Prototyping
  • Substrates and Materials

2 pages

Full encapsulation for delicate substrates like transponders and printed circuit boards (PCBs) not only protects the substrate, but can help improve patient comfort, create a hermetic seal, or provide radio-opacity.

Lindsay Mann

Director of Sales & Marketing

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