MTD Micro Molding Technology – Did You Know?

Rescuing Failed Attempts

20% of MTD’s new projects every year are a result of rescuing failed attempts by our competitors. Using the latest in micro molding technology, MTD has a 100% success rate with these types of projects. Get your product to market on time and on budget by choosing a supplier that has a proven track record.

Macro Molding vs. Micro Molding

Macro molding is NOT the same as Micro Molding. Successful micro molding requires a different approach from part design refinement through mold design and manufacturing into process development and validation. The single most important element is the successful execution of the micro mold. Since 1998, MTD has been focused on the development of micro molding techniques and skills required for successful in house construction. Choosing the partner with the highest micro tooling capability ensures the fastest path to success for our customers.

100% Medical Device Market Dedication

MTD Micro Molding is 100% dedicated solely to the Medical Device market. We speak your language and understand your needs as they relate to product development. MTD is continuously improving our process with a medical focus to ensure your product meets the strict requirements of the medical device industry.

Implant Applications

Most families of plastic materials, from PP to PEEK, can be used for implant applications. Some materials are chosen because of the documented evidence of testing, allowing them to be used immediately for implant applications. Choosing a material without documented history can add to the lead time of the project. MTD can assist you in selecting the best material to fit your project’s needs.

100x Magnification Inspection

Inspecting micro mold products under magnification is the only way to ensure success. At 100X magnification, every blemish and defect becomes obvious. MTD proudly displays our manufactured products under high magnification. When selecting a vendor, we encourage you to take a closer look.

Above Average First Time Success Rate

MTD Micro Molding produces acceptable product on the first mold sampling 90% of the time. Numerous surveys indicate the industry average to be a 20% success rate. On average, the industry requires an adjustment after first sampling 80% of the time compared to MTD at 10% of the time. MTD can improve your project timelines by eliminating the need for timely iterations.

MTD's Lunch & Learns

MTD’s Lunch & Learns provide an educational platform for a group of R&D and project engineers by offering design guidelines and rules for micro part design. Some customers are able to immediately apply this new information to their current designs. To schedule an MTD Lunch & Learn, click here.

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