Bioabsorbable Fixation Screw

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Bioabsorbable Fixation Screw
Micro Material: This fixation screw is made out of PLDL, a bioabsorbable polymer.

Micro Features: World’s smallest bioabsorbable unscrewing mold.

Description: This fixation tack is used with a mesh in hernia repair surgery. As opposed to a bioabsorbable staple, soft tissue bioabsorbable anchors or screws compete with articulating and fixed fixation devices such as the Ethicon Secure Strap Fixation Device and Covidien Absorbatack Fixation Tack.

Do you have similar features on your new micro medical device?

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Medical micro injection molding is what we do. And all we do.

We’ve made millions of micromolded medical parts. We have 15 years of expertise in working with bioabsorbable materials and problem-solving the most challenging micro part designs.

Bioabsorbable materials are very sensitive – and often very expensive. A successful bioabsorbable product will not only have premium part quality, but will also be a result of optimized runner size, which minimizes cost. Bioabsorbable devices also require more careful validation steps to achieve minimal and consistent IV loss and ensure superior functionality and capabilities.

Do you have a challenging bioabsorbable design?

Have you tried working with another manufacturer, who has yet to successfully build your design?

Our experienced team will help you refine and develop your design, so you can produce a high quality medical device and get it to market quickly.
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