PEEK Biopsy Marker

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PEEK biopsy marker

Micro Materials: This biopsy marker device is molded from 20% BaSO4-filled PEEK (PolyEther Ether Keytone).

Micro Features: The implant is 1.5mm in diameter, with small holes that are 0.5mm in diameter.

Description: This long-term PEEK medical implant required high-precision tooling to accomplish. Four (4) side actions come together in the complex tool to form its final geometry. No parting lines are visible with the four (4) distinct quadrents created from the side actions.

Do you have similar features on your new micro medical device?

Talk to MTD.

Medical micro molding is what we do. And all we do.

We’ve made millions of micromolded medical parts. We have years of expertise in problem-solving the most challenging micro part designs, including ones that require high-temperature micro injection molding with materials like PEEK (polyether ether ketone) and other thermoplastic polymers.

PEEK is a permanent resin popular for orthopedic and sports medicine applications requiring strength and durability. Successfully micromolding PEEK, however, presents several challenges.

For example, precise temperature control is critical so the part can be molded and de-molded without distortion. We understand how to optimize the polymer’s flow path and maintain quality control throughout the process. We’re also experienced in overmolding and “undermolding” with PEEK.

Do you have a challenging PEEK design?

Have you tried working with another manufacturer, who has yet to successfully build your design?

Our experienced team will help you refine and develop your design, so you can produce a high quality medical device and get it to market quickly.
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