We were and continue to be very impressed by MTD’s capabilities and overall company. We understand that the tooling is done at a very detailed level and after seeing the facility, we understand where the extra cost is coming from. We have visited a number of micro-molders over the last few years and MTD is one of the best, if not the best in the world, at medium volume or high cost resin micro molding.
Neil Perry

Intuity Medical

You leapfrogged over the competition. The first shots exceeded our expectations.  We are very impressed with MTD’s service, response, and parts.

We will be more likely to include challenging detail [in our designs] knowing that you guys can do it.

Impressive part quality! I am amazed some parts could even be made!

Farm PD

MTD? Compliant. Excellent. Products have had no rejection. They are an excellent partner.


Having tooling, prototyping, and manufacturing under one roof is very important due to the communication and speed of process. Frankly, I wouldn’t work with one that didn’t have this capability.

ConMed Linvatec

We own an injection molding division and couldn’t do micro. We searched and found MTD and they had a solid reputation. We went to their facility and reviewed their presentation. I have 30 years experience and was very impressed. Their quality, attention to detail, and site visit was very helpful.

Cook Medical

Dennis’ engineering talent has redefined miniature molding. His knowledge of engineering and miniature molding has saved our project time and money. On any future miniature molding projects, I will first call Dennis.

I have been working with MTD for close to three years. They are a quality driven, professional, and “go the extra mile” type of company. You couldn’t ask for a better customer service department.

MTD Micro Molding stepped up to the plate and delivered a quality product on time to help us achieve critical timelines. The MTD team put in the extra time and effort to ensure the success of our project.

Thanks again for the quick turnaround of this part. You definitely blew away the competition.

My main objective today was to visit MTD and see what limitations we have for small, sharp and implantable components. After seeing what MTD can do, it is pretty evident that there are NO LIMITATIONS.

I was very impressed with the facility. This is the cleanest, most organized molding shop I have ever seen.

We enjoy MTD’s fast feedback to our questions, clear communication, and demonstrated level of expertise. The IV drop on our part from MTD during molding is significantly less than the competition. Based on our work to date, I would highly recommend MTD to a colleague for micromolding and/or bioresorbable molding needs.

Thank you for your efforts and diligence in producing our part. The part you produce for us is a critical part in the assembly and the most critical from a patient standpoint. Your diligence and efforts in proactively identifying and resolving tooling issues to make this part with the highest level of quality and consistency shows the level of professionalism and quality that MTD has as a supplier. We greatly appreciate your efforts on our program.

MTD Micro Molding has one of the best quality departments in the Northeast. They have the equipment to inspect customer’s detailed features, utilizing QVI Vision Systems and related software, along with a variety of high tech monitoring stations. Their understanding of print requirements is thorough, as well as the talent to perform inspections, and design intent. Expert mold makers, too.
Chuck Draper

3D Associates, Inc.

I am impressed with MTD’s engineering and tech support, responsiveness during development and prototyping, communication, and project management.

C8 MediSensors

MTD is a strategic partner. I know what the product is designed to do and I need a partner to tell us how to get it done through micromolding.

C.R. Bard

MTD’s medical device experience, demonstrated ability of producing vast amounts [of product], and being referred to them by reputable source convinced us.

C.R. Bard

It’s very important to select a medical device focused partner since they know the industry requirements and understand the importance of audits and the FDA regulations. MTD understands.

Cook Medical

MTD Micro Molding’s engineering talent has redefined miniature molding. Their knowledge of engineering and miniature molding has saved our project time and money. On any future miniature molding projects, I will first call MTD.

On paper, it’s not difficult to design the perfect part with a five thousandths of an inch (.005″) wall thickness. Actually, molding that part in the real world is another story unless you’re working with MTD Micro Molding.

MTD produced a micromolded component that other companies said was impossible. The MTD staff provided us with excellent technical advice and delivered the component on time. The component exceeds our tolerance expectations.

It is with great pleasure that I make the following endorsement for MTD Micro Molding: While I was the Sr. Director of R&D for one of their client companies, MTD Micro Molding successfully executed a technically challenging project for the most complex implantable ligating clip we ever developed. Their expertise in the micro molding process from a development, tooling, and process standpoint was critical to making the project a success. I would highly recommend MTD Micro Molding in this area and would be happy to provide details regarding the project, and how MTD Micro Molding contributed to make it particularly impactful for our business.

MTD Micro Molding is an experienced processor of Purac’s resorbable polymers.

Director North American, Purac Biomaterials

The [site] visit was valuable from the perspectives of understanding the processes of the part we purchase, the supplier’s capabilities, and getting to know the people we deal with on a regular basis better. Your organization has a lot to be proud of and we appreciate the Quality and Service you provide.

Supply Chain Manager

The parts speak for themselves but it makes a big difference to go and see the MTD facility and meet the people.


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