The 6 Sciences of Micro Molding white paper
White Paper:

Micro Molding with Bioabsorbables:

Not Your Average Thermoplastics

This whitepaper explores Micro Molding with Bioabsorbables. Across the board with plastics, the rules are different when you mold it so small. But when it comes to bioabsorbable resins, they require a much more extensive and specialized approach than thermoplastics. Medical OEMs can learn the key factors needed for optimizing the design and production of their bioabsorbable products.

  • Key bioabsorbable markets and applications
  • Bioabsorbable materials
  • Bioabsorbable prototypes
  • 6 keys to bioabsorbable success
  • Case study of bioabsorbable fixation suture design

13 pages

Molders that do not specialize in bioabsorbable materials may not be as vigilant in enforcing process and handling consistency because these steps are typically not as critical when dealing with conventional materials. It’s important to understand the potential impact that each manufacturing step may have on the end result.

Dennis Tully

President in Memoriam, MTD Micro Molding

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