We are a Micro Medical Device Manufacturer

We’re proud to be Processor of the Year Finalist

MTD is a focused micro medical device manufacturer that’s built for high performance in one area: the micro molding of advanced medical products.

Our operation isn’t a small corner of a bigger plant; it’s our entire plant.

What does that mean for you? It means that from packaging to handling materials to moving materials through clean rooms, everything we do is carried out by people whose sole focus is medical micro molding. And we’re the only organization that can say that. Our experienced team will consult with you to help you refine and develop your design, using the most advanced materials and micro molding technology. We’re here to help you get it right – from design through production – so you can produce a high quality device, and get it to market quickly.

What Our Clients Say

MTD Micro Molding is an experienced processor of Purac’s resorbable polymers.

Director North America, Purac Biomaterials

Your diligence and efforts in proactively identifying and resolving tooling issues to make this part with the highest level of quality and consistency shows the level of professionalism and quality that MTD has as a supplier.

MTD is a strategic partner. I know what the product is designed to do and I need a partner to tell us how to get it done through micromolding.

C.R. Bard

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A New Look at Micromolding

Most medical-device designers are unfamiliar with the fine limits of micromolding. For instance, today’s capability can shape parts with details down to 0.005 in. But even that limit may give way with more recent developments.

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Top 5 Reasons to Attend MDM West

MDM West is the largest medical design and manufacturing event in the US. Whether your goal is to meet up with existing partners or create new ones, #UBMWest provides a fantastic atmosphere for key members of the medical device industry to connect, network, and discover solutions. Two presentation theaters, daily keynote speakers, various networking events, and special giveaways – I guess the better question is, why not go to MDM West?

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MTD Adds Ultrasonic Molding Capability

MTD has invested in an ultrasonic molding machine, which takes a completely different approach to molding. It uses an ultrasonic horn to push the plastic pellets into the mold, which are not heated in advance like they are with a traditional molding machine. The expectation is that it will increase flow and reduce waste, and smaller and thinner parts with more details will be become possible.

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Upcoming Events

  1. BIOMEDevice – Boston, MA

    April 13 - April 14
  2. MDM East – New York, NY

    June 14 - June 16
  3. BIOMEDevice – San Jose, CA

    December 7 - December 8