In this Orthopedic Device Technology (ODT) article, MTD Micro Molding and other molders discuss their growing role in the orthopedic industry as companies continue to improve their legacy devices and develop new products.

Discussing how using unconventional design and building of molds and non-traditional and innovative molding practices can benefit the orthopedic micromolding sector,

“On highly complex designs, we use mathematical equations to create tooling splits and avoid undercuts. In order to achieve robust and accurate shut-offs on these complex mold components, we create custom fixturing or add features in non-critical areas to control the many different machining processes. With our advanced micro-injection molding process coupled with exact tooling execution, we are able to create the melt, fill the cavity, heat/cool, and de-mold in ways otherwise not thought possible.”

Gary Hulecki, CEO

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