Selecting a manufacturer to build your tool, validate the molding process, and be your partner through full-scale production is an important decision for the success of your program.  An experienced molding house will have a proven, standardized process and will work with your team throughout the process to ensure your expectations and requirements are met.

One thing is for certain: Projects never go as planned. But there are some things your team should know and be prepared for to help a project run more smoothly and minimize the risk of problems and failure. The majority of botched molding projects are caused by miscommunication up front. From part design to process validation, here are 11 tips to know to keep your molding project from failing.

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  1. Understand the Plan
  2. Know What Your Part Requires
  3. Avoid Overly Restrictive Designs
  4. Run a Moldflow simulation
  5. Build in Dimensional Flexibility
  6. Flash Happens
  7. Part Drawings Drive Cost
  8. Use Your Drawing as a Blueprint
  9. Share Your Functional Test Requirement
  10. Insert Molding is Only as Strong as Your Weakest Insert
  11. Keep It Under One Roof

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