MTD was included in MPO’s June issue in the collaboration article, The Dynamics of Medical Molding. It is always interesting to see different perspectives on different topics in the fast-moving medical device industry. Experts in the field were interviewed on topics like: Bioabsorbable Molding, Combining Technologies, and Robotics and Vision Systems. Contributors included: MTD Micro Molding, Saint-Gobain, Freudenberg, Marman, and BMP Medical.

Changes in Outsourcing is a topic explored in this piece as well, with a resonating theme of partnership:

Rather than focusing on only one or two aspects of the molding process, almost all medical molding service providers now work in partnership with their OEM customers. They provide any or all needed services—initial design, prototype development, guidance on DFM (design for manufacturing), material selection, and full production. This is a trend that simply makes good sense. Partnering is the path to success for both the OEMs and the molding service companies. The reasons for this become quite clear when taking a deeper look at the challenges that OEMs face if they want to stay in the top tier of their specific market area.

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