When Plastics News interviewed our president, Dennis Tully, last year for Plastics News Processor of the Year, he shared how MTD Micro Molding approaches problem-solving.

We include teamwork in everything we think about… Are we always going to make the right decision? No. But you make a decision, you move, and then you analyze what you’ve done. And if it wasn’t the right thing, you go do something else. You change it and try again. Failure is really not failure unless you don’t learn anything from it. I think that’s been very important to us all along. We are going to make mistakes and things aren’t going to come out right. And the ability to pick up from that and move forward collectively [is what’s important]. Nobody gets chastised for making a mistake. Just share what you’ve learned so that somebody else doesn’t make the same one and everybody grows. And I think that is what helps our organization be successful in solving people’s problems that are difficult. I think that’s the driving force for that.

– Dennis Tully

While today marks one year since Dennis’ passing, his mantra about failure can still be heard loud and clear in every strategy and problem-solving discussion we have at MTD. #EverForward

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