Why MTDMedical Focus

ENT Devices

The Market

On the cutting edge of ENT device development are bioabsorbable solutions for the most critical components.

Needs & Challenges

Bioabsorbable materials are very sensitive—and often very expensive. A successful bioabsorbable implant will not only have premium part quality, but will also be a result of optimized runner size, which minimizes cost.

Bioabsorbable devices also require more careful validation steps to achieve minimal and consistent IV loss and ensure superior functionality and capabilities. 

Drug Eluting Implant

This medical device required extreme precision for the through-holes in this application, used for neurological implants.

ENT Device Applications

  • Localized Sinus Drug Delivery
  • Ablation Systems
  • Hearing Aids

Examples of Micro Devices

  • Sinus Implants
  • Dissolvable Implants
  • Cochlear Implants

Common Materials

  • Bioabsorbable Polymers
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