Shaping the Future

There is a movement in the market to reduce office visits for pain management and make infrequent scheduled procedures for degenerative diseases the norm. We have seen two examples of these types of products that were improved with micromolding: one-time use applications and permanent refillable applications.

“When the question becomes, “How can we make things smaller and the fluid path more precise?” the answer clearly leads to micromolding. The movement to provide more convenient, painless, and effective drug delivery devices to patients is pushing the most innovative and forward-thinking companies to break the paradigm of what drug delivery devices can be.”

Click here for the full story the May issue of Medical Design Briefs. 

Shaping the Future

Precise tooling is the key to molded parts with extremely small and complex geometries by creating detail that otherwise is not possible, such as mirror-smooth finishes with perfectly detailed corners, edges, and surfaces.

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