MTD Micro Molding president, Dennis Tully, was interviewed by Engineering360 to explore the world of micromolding and the process of creating some of the world’s smallest medical plastic parts.

The article explores many big questions and topics of micromolding, including: Micro vs. Macro, micromolding materials, and recent developments.

MTD Micro Molding continues to make some of the tiniest, most intricate injection molded parts for the medical device industry today. The keys to success? Specialized equipment, skilled and passionate people, and the drive to Be the First, and Be the Best.

Tully describes one of the smaller parts MTD molds in the article by saying, “the OD of this polypropylene cup is 0.012 in., about one-third the diameter of the decimal point on my calculator. You really can’t even see the part with the naked eye.”

Read the entire piece here.

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