CHARLTON, MA – (January 21 , 2016) – MTD Micro Molding (, a long-time leader in micro-injection molding, has added ultrasonic molding capability to the molding services menu with the purchase of an Ultrasion molding machine.

MTD has invested in an ultrasonic molding machine, which takes a completely different approach to molding. It uses an ultrasonic horn to push the plastic pellets into the mold, which are not heated in advance like they are with a traditional molding machine. The expectation is that it will increase flow and reduce waste, and smaller and thinner parts with more details will be become possible.

XG0_5423Ultrasonic molding is the most radical approach to molding in probably 100 years”, says Dennis Tully, President MTD Micro Molding.

The major difference with an ultrasonic machine is that Sodick and Battenfeld machines are both screw over plunger designs where the screw is used to melt material and meter it to the plunger system, which then delivers the molten material to the mold. In the ultrasonic molding equipment, the pellets are transferred to a plunger pot that is located in front of an ultrasonic horn. The horn is brought in contact with the pellets and energized to instantly melt the material and deliver it to the mold cavity. This results in no residence time, per say, for the resin and minimizes the heat history that the material sees during the process.


MTD Micro Molding has a 43 year tradition of leadership in the development of micro-sized injection molded plastic components. Starting in 1972 as an injection mold supplier to other plastic molders, today MTD is a vertically integrated Micromolded parts supplier which is 100% dedicated to the Medical Industry. All tooling is made in-house, and all products are made in fully automated systems in MTD’s own Class 100k clean rooms. For more information about MTD Micro Molding, visit or email [email protected]


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