CHARLTON, MA – MTD Micro Molding is a contract manufacturer that specializes in problem solving for the micro-medical device market and is a strategic partner for bringing the smallest, most critical, cutting-edge devices to life. MTD is vertically integrated with tooling and molding in-house at our facility in Charlton. We are also uniquely specialized in micro-injection molding bioabsorbable and drug-delivery applications.

In 2017, MTD announced the plans to expand the facility in Charlton to accommodate the fast-growing medical micromolding business. In 2019, MTD unexpectedly lost their president and leader, Dennis Tully, who was the mastermind behind the building expansion project. In his honor, MTD carried on Tully’s vision and completed the project on schedule, despite setbacks from the COVID-19 pandemic.

As vice president Gary Hulecki explains, “We were nearing our capacity in our existing manufacturing space and needed room to grow.” The expansion measures 11,700 square feet, creating a new facility size of 27,450 square feet—effectively doubling MTD’s cleanroom manufacturing space. The expansion is complete with a new tooling department, more material storage, a new conference space, additional offices, and even a fitness center for employees. MTD is a single-source supplier for customers, performing all micromolding services in-house, in a single controlled environment.

For example, the expansion allows MTD to better handle the logistics of the increasing need for custom packaging and assembly services. “The days of bulk packing tiny medical parts are becoming a thing of the past. Custom packaging solutions are becoming a requirement for medical OEMs.”

At a time when many businesses are worried about their future, Hulecki admits that he does have one concern with this expansion project. “Our fear is that we will grow out of this expansion, at the rate of growth we’re seeing.”

About MTD Micro Molding

Founded in 1972, MTD Micro Molding custom-crafts ultra-precision molded components that meet the exact requirements of companies in the medical device industry. In-house tooling, unparalleled bioabsorbable molding expertise, ISO 13485 certified systems, state of the art equipment – all under one roof. Our exclusive focus on bioabsorbable and drug delivery medical micro molding ensures successful delivery of complex custom products that nobody else can produce.

To learn more, visit or come tour our facility in Charlton, Mass.

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