MTD Micro Molding, which offers precision injection micro molding for the micro medical device market, is expanding their cleanroom.

The 1200 square feet addition of ISO class 8 cleanroom will hold the capacity for 8 more molding cells. A high-tech material handling and storage area will be added to provide a server-based material handling system where every item can be verified by scanning the bar code or comparison to a photo. This will reduce errors and eliminate the need for a separate QC function. MTD Micro Molding will also be adding a grinding room to control the graphite. This controlled environment will compliment their 6S program which is a part of MTD Micro Molding’s lean manufacturing initiatives. The project is due for completion on January 1, 2012.

MTD Micro Molding develops micro molded plastic parts and components that are used in electronic devices, Microfluidics devices, surgical tools, biomedical plastic surgical catheters and implants, and much more. MTD Micro Molding was founded in 1972 and was established as a leading manufacturer of miniature connector injection molds for the electronics industry. The company has continued to grow over the years and designs and manufactures microscopic components for the medical industry in its precision clean room facilities in Massachusetts. MTD Micro Molding is one of only a few U.S. companies dedicated to micro mold making and micro molding and has invested extensive time and resources into the research and development of micro molds for the medical industry. MTD Micro Molding designs and manufactures some of the tiniest medical device components in the world.

MTD Micro Molding has the design engineering experience, techniques, and capacity to create safe, reliable, efficient, cost-effective, and innovative products. MTD Micro Molding projects undergo a rigorous, five-step manufacturing process that includes design for manufacturing, tooling, micro EDM, micro molding and quality management. MTD Micro Molding’s micro mold parts deliver a stronger performance than those associated with macro molding and lead to better products and lower operating costs. By owning only one of two Micro Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) milling production machines in the country, MTD Micro Molding is able to create smaller features and more intricate shapes than possible with conventional micro milling or conventional EDM. Every aspect of MTD Micro Molding’s process adheres to stringent standards and is all done in-house. The key market that MTD Micro Molding works with is Medical Industry Micro Devices. Medical micro molded devices applications include micro endoscopes, automatic insulin pumping mechanisms, bioabsorbable materials, and vascular applications.

MTD Micro Molding’s company goal is to provide every customer with the best possible product and exceptional customer service and is committed to pioneering new technologies that advance the science of micro molding. MTD Micro Molding offers several significant advantages over the competition. All micro molding processes take place at corporate headquarters, which results in a shorter product development turnaround time.

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