CHARLTON, MA – (11/14/2018) – MTD Micro Molding (, a long-time leader and expert problem solver in micro injection molding for the medical device industry, has made significant investments in innovation this year.

For years, MTD has invested 10% of their annual revenue to innovation. That investment funds internal R&D projects to explore new micro molding capabilities, helping customers achieve new product breakthroughs faster and more cost-effectively. MTD has furthered that investment by hiring Patrick Haney, their first R&D Engineer—and possibly the first position of its kind in MTD’s niche industry. Haney, who brings deep knowledge of polymer behavior, will primarily focus on developing new prototype equipment and investigating the unique polymer phenomena often found in processing bioabsorbable and high-performance engineering thermoplastics.

Since its founding in 1972, MTD has sought to gain a competitive advantage by employing the latest technology. This investment in the most advanced manufacturing equipment and technology has allowed successful delivery of complex custom products that often nobody else can produce. This year, MTD invested in several pieces of equipment to stay ahead of emerging MedTech trends.

The new Gas Chromatography System is a piece of analytical equipment that can measure residual monomer and assist with material characterization, which further supports R&D projects by looking at materials on a molecular level. When used in conjunction with DCS equipment for material characterization, MTD can build robust profiles for materials to analyze behavior—crucial for manufacturing intricate components with critical medical functionality. This provides an in-house suite of equipment for material characterization/science: molecular makeup (GC testing), thermal behavior (DSC testing), and viscosity and rheology behavior (IV testing).

MTD is also the first company in North America to own a Mitsubishi MX600 oil wire EDM machine, which lets machining operators use ultra-small wire in the range of .0008”–.001”.

“The machine has doubled our wire EDM capacity and has made getting down to the smallest wire diameters much easier,” says operations manager, John Clark. “Although our lead time to build new tools is driven by the complexity of it and its components, on average, we were anywhere from six to eight weeks in production. Now, we can get components out to our customers in two to three weeks.”

MTD has also acquired a Mitsubishi 6-axis robot, which adds greater functionality for sophisticated in-line inspection and complex packaging schemes in a small footprint. Two new Sodick molding machines increases production volume and speed.

In an industry rapidly changing, MTD’s culture of innovation to “be the first, be the best” drives them forward—and gains recognition. This year, MTD was named Plastic News Best Places to Work and, for the second time, named finalist for Plastic News Processor of the Year.

About MTD Micro Molding

Founded in 1972, MTD Micro Molding custom-crafts ultra-precision molded components that meet the exact requirements of companies in the medical device industry. In-house tooling, unparalleled bioabsorbable molding expertise, ISO 13485 certified systems, FDA registration, and state of the art equipment – all under one roof. Our exclusive focus on bioabsorbable and drug delivery medical micro molding ensures successful delivery of complex custom products that nobody else can produce.

To learn more, visit or come tour our facility in Charlton, Mass.

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Seamus Quinlivan, Machine Operator, working with the Mitsubishi MX600 oil wire EDM machine at MTD Micro Molding

Patrick Haney, R&D Engineer, with the Gas Chromatography System at MTD Micro Molding.

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