CHARLTON, MA – (August 26, 2015) – MTD Micro Molding (, a long-time leader in micro-injection molding, has released an updated “Materials Menu” of materials that can be successfully micromolded to help guide engineers at medical device companies.

“One of the more surprising things”, says MTD Micro Molding President Dennis Tully, “is that when discussing projects with clients and engineering groups, even those in large companies with huge R&D budgets, it usually comes as a surprise that almost any plastic material can be used as an implant.”

Most plastic materials are implantable, but only when qualified with proper testing. “Most are shocked to hear this. And there is a lot of misinformation about whether or not a material must be tested for a new application, especially when the material has proven itself in another application. They ask, ‘Can we forego the testing?’ And the answer is most always, ‘No'”, said Tully.

Material selection is a crucial step in product manufacturability. The correct material drives tolerance, dimension, strength, usabality, speed-to-market, design, critical features, and cost.

Through MTD’s 15+ years of medical micro-manufacturing, measurable expertise has been developed in a range of thermoplastics and bioresorbable materials. MTD stays up-to-date with the most advanced materials and technologies, so customers can be leaders in product innovation.

Download MTD’s updated materials list here

MTD Micro Molding has a 43 year tradition of leadership in the development of micro-sized injection molded plastic components. Starting in 1972 as an injection mold supplier to other plastic molders, today MTD is a vertically integrated Micromolded parts supplier which is 100% dedicated to the Medical Industry. All tooling is made in-house, and all products are made in fully automated systems in MTD’s own Class 100k clean rooms. For more information about MTD Micro Molding, visit or email [email protected].

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