At MTD, we are constantly giving Lunch & Learns at different Medical OEMs to help potential or existing customers understand what we can do for them. Our sales team will come to your company and present the latest advances in materials and molding technology and discuss any issues you may be facing with your current and future projects. And we buy lunch – bonus!

The tables were turned in May when our customer, Chuck Rogers from Opus KSD, came to MTD to give our company a Lunch & Learn. We have been producing the bioresorbable fastener for Opus for some time now, and it was amazing to learn more about how it works with the device and the advantages of using this fastener versus other staples on the market.

The SubQ It!® Bioabsorbable Skin Stapler is a disposable stapler pre-loaded with bioabsorbable fasteners which are inserted subcutaneously. Although it has many other applications, the SubQ It! system was specifically designed for closing small incisions used for 5mm and 10mm trocars in laparoscopic procedures. It is as fast to install as a metal staple, and it is biodegradable – so no need to come back to have them removed. The best part: 30 days after surgical closure, scars are practically invisible.

We encourage our customers to visit MTD and teach us about the products they are designing so we can gain a better understanding of how the tiny parts we produce work in the device they create. These details are not always known to us. We might get a little squeamish with surgery videos (we prefer animation!), but it is very educational to see these tiny plastic parts in action. And the best part is – lunch is still on us! 🙂

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Chuck explaining how his device works and the benefits of the SubQ It!® Bioabsorbable Skin Stapler


Opus’ bioabsorbable staple gets its close-up at MTD.

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