Name Change Reflects Shift in Demand for Company’s Products

CHARLTON, MA, April 1, 2010 – After nearly four decades of being known as Miniature Tool & Die (MTD), the company announced today it has changed its name to MTD Micro Molding. “Our new name better reflects who we are now, and where we’re headed,” said Dennis Tully, president of the company, “while still honoring our foundation.”

The company began in 1972 in the basement of Richard Tully’s home, the father of Dennis. After moving to a small facility in Worcester, MA, MTD Micro Molding quickly established itself as a leading manufacturer of miniature
connector molds for the electronics industry.

However, in 1998, MTD Micro Molding invested extensive time and resources into the research and development of micro molds for the medical industry. The company then began designing and manufacturing some of the tiniest medical device components in the world. Today, roughly 75% of the company’s business comes from micro molding, which spurred the name change.

As the nation’s only company devoted exclusively to micro applications, MTD Micro Molding supplies products to the medical, electronics, and microfluidics fields. With the demand for products with smaller features in these areas increasing rapidly, MTD Micro Molding has averaged a 42% revenue growth over each of the last four years.

Part of this sharp increase stems from MTD Micro Molding’s Sarix Micro EDM Milling system – one of two such systems in the country – which permits the company to achieve an industry-leading level of 3D micro features, and
create products with tinier features than possible using conventional technology.

Due to this accelerating demand for its products, the company is exploring other facility options to handle the growth, and is developing micro liquid silicone moldings to accommodate customer interest in this burgeoning area. The Charlton, MA-based company supplies its products to small and large businesses around the world, including Fortune 500 organizations such as Abbott Laboratories, Boston Scientific, Cardinal Health, Medtronic, and St. Jude

As part of this marketing initiative, MTD Micro Molding also renovated its Web site ( with a more updated, sophisticated look.

“We’re excited about the future of our company, as well as the micro industry’s future,” said company president Tully. “There are so many breakthrough micro applications that have the potential to enhance the health of individuals, and
improve the overall quality of life for everyone.”

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