Overmolded Circuit Board

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overmolded medical electronic

Micro Material: This micro medical device is overmolded with Pebax, a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE).

Micro Features: Extremely thin walls (.003″) were required to minimize the overall part size.

Description: These delicate medical circuit boards needed to be fully encapsulated by polymers, while not causing any damage to the electronics.

Are you developing an overmolded micro medical device?

Talk to MTD.


MTD specializes in overmolding—a process for molding two or more materials together to form a component. We offer insert molding and multi-shot (or multi-material) molding. Because all our services are under one roof, our engineers can efficiently resolve problems and challenges for the most complex overmolding design.

Our in-house CT scanning capabilities allow us to analyze overmolded parts with metal or different densities of plastic materials, and to accurately measure internal features.

We also excel at cost-effective, high-volume production through robotics and automation. Our custom micro medical device assembly solutions and packaging is the last step in producing your micro medical device.

Our experienced team will help you refine and develop your design, so you can produce a high quality medical device and get it to market quickly.
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