Shape Memory Polymer Resin “Flower” Device

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Shape Memory Polymer Resin "Flower" Device

Micro Material: The “flower” device is made of an experimental shape-memory thermoplastic material

Micro Features: The design features a 0.009″ (0.23 mm) wide webbing.

Description: The shape-memory material allows the “flower” to collapse or spread, as shown. This “flower” device, which is a catheter tip ablation head, demonstrates the need for MicroFlow and MicroFill micromolding technology. The challenging part design features long, looping channels that create multiple intersecting flow paths. Preventing one or more of these channels from prematurely solidifying and causing a “short-shot” is only possible with the right micromolding equipment.

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Medical micro injection molding is what we do. And all we do.

We’ve made millions of micromolded medical parts. We know how to produce the high quality our customers demand for applications all around the body.

We have years of expertise in problem-solving the most challenging micro part designs, including ones that feature ultra-thin wall stocks, high aspect ratios, and extremely tight tolerances.

Thermoplastics are a great micromolding material to work with as they become pliable above a specific temperature, but return to their rigid state upon cooling. The challenge with thermoplastics is knowing when a seemingly minor change in the design or an alternative thermoplastic material choice can significantly impact the quality and cost-effectiveness of the part.

MTD’s advanced technologies and flawless tooling execution helps customers achieve the highest results possible.

Do you have a challenging thermoplastic design?

Have you tried working with another manufacturer, who has yet to successfully build your design?

Our experienced team will help you refine and develop your design, so you can produce a high quality medical device and get it to market quickly.

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