The 6 Sciences of Micro Molding white paper
White Paper:

The 6 Sciences of Micro Molding:

How to Achieve Better Long-Term Results and Faster Speed to Market

This whitepaper explores industry trends and details the “six sciences” of the medical micro molding process, from material selection through packaging. By implementing these six sciences, medical device OEMs will understand how to maximize the tools needed for efficient product development and consistent manufacturability in micro molding — and to create product breakthroughs today.

Topics Include:
  • Micro Materials: working with thermoplastics and bioabsorbables
  • Micro Part Design: understanding micro features and tools for optimizing your design
  • Micro Tooling: understanding workpiece accuracy
  • Micro Molding: comparing conventional molding vs. advanced medical micro molding
  • Micro Metrology: passing Gage R&R (gage repeatability and reproducibility)
  • Micro Packaging: customizing end-of-arm tools for every micro medical part
  • Bioabsorbable Case Study: how MTD helped a customer achieve a cost savings of 38% over four years

12 pages

It has become even more critical for the medical device manufacturer to develop reliable and technologically advanced suppliers that not only allow them to engineer and produce cost-effective solutions, but are able work together and leverage manufacturing know-how to push the boundaries of technology.
Rick Campo

Founder, West-Tech Materials

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