Microtool processing requires the ability to create parts using amazingly small amounts of material.

To put this in perspective, we’ve been called upon and have successfully created 500 individual pieces from one plastic pellet of material! Successful micromold processing starts with understanding the material, but it is also completely reliant on the correct tool design and proper tool construction. The challenge is in “creating the maze” which can be completely filled with molten plastic, while avoiding the negative consequences of excess heat and shear which contribute to material degradation.

We’ve perfected our processes over many years of micromolding experience. Consider the planning the must be completed prior to micromanufacturing. Many medical-micro products we create are manufactured from resorbable (bio-absorbable) materials. These are materials that, over time, are absorbed by the body. The materials are very expensive and waste cannot be mixed back into the product. To work within the confines of our customers’ requirements and budgets, we must optimize the process to reduce waste, minimize the shot of material into the mold and avoid producing out-of-tolerance parts.

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