Plastics News was very clearly impressed with MTD’s part photography that lined the walls of our office when they visited earlier this year.

One of the most interesting companies that I visited in 2016 was MTD Micro Molding in Charlton, Mass. The company was a finalist for our Processor of the Year award.

As the name implies, MTD specializes in micromolding. It’s a niche in the plastics industry that few companies really tackle. According to MTD’s definition, micromolded parts so small you need a microscope to see them, or parts as large as 1-inch-by-1-inch that have micro features.

The vast majority of products MTD makes would fit into a space of three square millimeters. That point really hit home on my company visit, when you realize the company’s warehouse of finished parts is basically the size of a filing cabinet.

Our team is lucky to have the support of a talented local photographer who thinks out of the box to create some amazing photographs of the parts we create. Read more about our visit to his studio here.

Read the whole article here and for more photos of micromolded parts, see the portfolio on our website.


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