The July issue of Medical Design & Outsourcing focused on contract manufacturing and addressed the trend of OEM and contract manufacturer consolidation. With all the of the mergers and acquisitions taking place in the medical manufacturing space, you can’t help but wonder, “do small manufacturers stand a chance competing against the giants?”.

MDO‘s response:

“The answer seems to be a qualified yes: They can survive, but only if they excel so much in a niche that medical device OEMs simply need them.”

To back this up, MTD was used as an example:

“For example, MTD Micro Molding has thrived because it ventured into the then-little-known niche of micro molds in the late 1990s and hasn’t looked back since. The company has even enjoyed success in the fast-growing drug delivery device space. “Many of the drug delivery micro molding projects we take on are rescue projects – those that failed with other molders or methods and may have been thought to be ‘impossible,’” president Dennis Tully told MDO.”

The bottom line:

“Medical device manufacturers aren’t going away at any scale – but the urgency to compete and dominate a niche is stronger than ever.”

Read the digital July issue here.

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