The world is shrinking and micromolding services are growing in importance as medical devices and components continue to shrink. Medical Product Outsourcing researched micromolding’s latest trends, challenges, regulatory requirements, and potential evolution over the next five years and spoke to more than a half-dozen industry experts to produce this latest article.

Maggie Beauregard, quality manager; Sherry Bekier, account manager; Jared Cicio, molding/production manager; John Clark, tooling and molding specialist; Patrick Haney, R&D engineer; Gary Hulecki, executive vice president; Kyle Kolb, tooling supervisor; and Lindsay Mann, sales/marketing director at MTD Micro Molding participated in this Q&A feature.

“There is a consistent increase in demand for more smaller dimensions and flash tolerances on molded parts. These have always been important features for any micro molded part, but tighter tolerances are requiring us to continue to explore and create new methods and procedures for machining our molds, molding our parts, and even how we fixture, inspect, and measure parts.”

Jared Cicio, Molding/Production Manager

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