Plastics News promoted MTD’s latest MicroSeries this month as a proactive effort to help clients avoid design mistakes on very small plastic components.

The aim is to manage a customer’s expectations on costs and delivery times.

MTD has identified eight common micro design mistakes that can make the project team “put the brakes on”. The goal is to identify a future problem and streamline the entire process, by keeping these common mishaps front-of-mind for designers.

Most frequent among the mistakes is a customer’s explicit expectation for “zero flash”. Simply put by project manager, John Clark:

Flash is always going to happen, and it never gets better.

Here are a few other recommendations for creating successful designs from the get-go:

  1. Be flexible, and avoid assigning poor gate locations.
  2. Stay symmetrical and avoid lopsided tolerances; adjust the part model to be at the midpoint of the tolerance range.
  3. Avoid nearly impossible tolerance for a critical dimension; sustaining an extremely tight tolerance is challenging on long runs.


Review the full list of 8 common design mistakes, along with examples of each, in MTD’s MicroSeries: How to Avoid the Top 8 Micro Design Mistakes

Read the full Plastics News article here.

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