When a large medical equipment manufacturer was searching for a micro molding alternative to an inefficient process, the word “no” came up in every vendor conversation. That is, until they found their “yes” provided by one supplier.

Being told “no” so often had almost led the OEM to believe they had unrealistic expectations. In essence, they had received false negatives and inaccurate claims that the drug delivery part couldn’t be made, which could have killed their program or caused them to needlessly compromise on their design.

This case study discusses a journey to success that began with failure. Initial false negatives can rightfully make a company skeptical of other molder’s assurances that a thin-wall, “impossible” micro molded part could be successfully manufactured.

Learn how MTD Micro Molding was able to make the impossible possible and achieve the customer’s key goals, which included higher yield, better quality, and lower costs.

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