In a recent Plastics News viewpoint article, Don Loepp shares:

Bill Bregar and I visited MTD three times to evaluate the company for our award. After each visit, we left impressed with the brilliant, tight-knit team…At the top of the organization was Dennis Tully, the president, who, in 2008, bought the company from his father, rebranded it and shifted the focus to medical micromolding.Whenever we came for a Processor of the Year visit, Bill and I would ask Dennis to tell us the company’s history. We knew the story, but we liked to hear him tell it. For business owners like Dennis, their company’s story is a lot like the story of how they met their spouse. It’s full of detail and, frankly, love.

When he talked about MTD, Dennis would always — always — give all the credit to his team. He brought the group together and made MTD a great place to work. He and his senior team nurtured a culture where employees could work together to achieve a common goal. But the team, as a whole, made all its success possible.

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