Smaller tolerances require tighter-built tools that can create model-like components. Medical Product Outsourcing spoke to the team at MTD Micro Molding for their feature “Big Shots”, which details the trends and market forces driving micromolding in the medical device industry. Maggie Beauregard, quality manager; Sherry Bekier, account manager; Jared Cicio, molding/production manager; Patrick Haney, R&D engineer; Gary Hulecki, executive vice president; Kyle Kolb, tooling supervisor; and Lindsay Mann, sales/marketing director at MTD Micro Molding, were among the more than one dozen experts interviewed for the feature. The full input from MTD’s team is provided in the article.

“It’s difficult to predict how the industry may evolve over the next five years but it is safe to say that customers are going to continue to expect tighter and tighter tolerances which will continue to push manufacturers like MTD to stay on the cutting edge of technology for toolmaking and molding methods. Today, customers are prioritizing contract manufacturers that can be full-service suppliers and we will continue to see more customers seeking this service where they can look to us to be their one-stop-shop to take them from molding all the way to final packaging.”

Jared Cicio, Molding/Production Manager

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