Micro Medical Device Design and Production – 10 Reasons Why MTD is the Right Partner for You

Medical Industry Focus, Micro Experts:

MTD Micro Molding offers a team of experienced, passionate micro molding and medical device design experts to partner with you. For the past 15 years, MTD has produced high quality micro medical devices, tooling and components for the medical device market. We have partnered with customers who came to us with an idea they weren’t sure could be made, refining their design, consulting on materials, and bringing cutting-edge products to market.

Strong, Strategic Partnership:

Our customers can count on the MTD Micro Molding team’s 400+ years of experience in plastic, tooling and manufacturing. Always thinking proactively, our team collectively reviews designs, specifications, material and the necessary processes to ensure a positive outcome. We often recommend micro molding design refinements and alternative materials to enhance manufacturability. Our material database also lets us predict how a specific material will flow in an application. We can log in a material and receive predictive data on how the material will perform in this application. This can eliminate missteps, saving you time and money. All our departments work together, partnering with our customers in every aspect of development and production, guiding them every step of the way.

100% Micro Medical Device Focus:

Other companies dabble in micro medical devices for the medical market; we focus 100% on micro medical device manufacturing. This means we commit all of our people, systems and operations to meet the needs of our medical customers. As a result, we have developed unmatched expertise in the bioabsorbable, implantable markets to support cardiology, gastroenterology, bronchoscopy, oncology, pain management, urology and men and women’s health areas, to name a few. Bioabsorbable products are our specialty.

Speed to Market:

Customers have said the biggest benefit in partnering with MTD Micro Molding is our turnaround time and speed to market. MTD Micro Molding produces acceptable product on the first mold sampling 90% of the time. With tooling and micro molding under one roof, MTD can improve your project timelines by eliminating the need for timely iterations. Feedback is instantaneous, and our teams get together and make improvements on the fly. This enables us to achieve better first shot quality, and get your micro medical devices to market faster.

Constant Innovation:

Developing new ideas and bringing them to market quickly requires having a partner who is on top of rapidly evolving technologies and materials. That’s what MTD is all about. We’re always on the hunt for the latest technology to improve our processes and ensure success on the most challenging applications in the world of medical micro manufacturing. That’s why we have the only Sarix technology building medical micro molds in the US. In addition, we believe that our employees’ knowledge, determination, and drive to innovate will help you be leaders in product innovation.

State-of-the-Art Facility, Specialized Equipment/Technology:

Under one roof, MTD Micro Molding produces micro tooling and micro injection molded components utilizing Class 100k clean rooms, state-f-the-art technology, and specialized equipment specifically for the medical device industry. With MTD’s micro medical molding process, quality standards and sophisticated equipment working together, we can help customers push the envelope–allowing predictable outcomes even on breakthrough products that were never produced before.

Quality Control:

With quality control being paramount in the world of micro injection molding, MTD employs in-house high-accuracy micro metrology systems, along with thermal, chemical, and mechanical testing capabilities to get the job done right. Also, our integrated automated inspection systems in our lights-out manufacturing cells allow us to trace all products produced to the Nth degree.

Industry Certifications:

Compliance is very much part of our every day operations. MTD Micro Molding is committed to being certified in our industry: ISO 13485: 2003, MedAccred Certification, and Class 100k clean rooms.

Robust Validation Process:

Our Validation processes are the gating item between development and production. Each validation is fully documented, very collaborative, and fully customizable to ensure the client’s requirements are fully met. Each part’s quality score is then stored with all the process data, providing a high level of traceability for all our micro medical device parts through production.

Thought Leadership:

We conduct onsite Lunch & Learns that have helped our existing and future customers to better understand rules of micro medical device design, any design issues they face, and new material and production capabilities. Contact us today to schedule a visit to MTD or a Lunch & Learn at your facility.

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